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We Have Moved!!

We have outgrown our building! After nearly a half century at our Stone Street location, as of Sunday, January 25, 2015 we are now meeting in our new building located at 514 Airport Road (corner of Airport Road and Prospect Road) in Jonesboro. With the new location, a name change was also necessary. We will now be known as the StoneRidge church of Christ. Please be patient while we update the website. We look forward to seeing you at our new location! Glory to God in all things and we thank Him for giving the increase so that this move was necessary.

Bob Craig

I am 44,676,000 minutes of age. Many were spent in WAITING. The first 7,458,400 were spent WAITING for one of the most important dates in my life. Would I ever reach sixteen? After that, the only age I was concerned about was whether I would attain 44,676,000. But, I made it!

WAITING is kinda like worrying; there’s not a thing you can do about it.

When I was a little fellow, I spent useless minutes WAITING. The old fellow who led the prayer. He petitioned the Lord for everything while I squirmed, scratched, worried and WAITED for that cheer- bringing word—AMEN!

Accompanying that, there was a bellowing behemoth who had no stopping place. He had the people in burning torment and now he had to extricate them. They didn’t want to be extricated. So I WAITED for him to give up or give out.

The old man who prayed and the fire-eating parson were invited for dinner. I knew what was in store: the white meat would be gone and the taters would be cold while I WAITED.  Read Entire Article

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Dick Blackford


I was in New Madrid, Missouri in a gospel meeting one spring. While taking an early morning walk, I passed a small cemetery and stopped to read epitaphs on some of the old tombstones. One spoke of hard times for a couple who lost four dausketch-bear-tombstone.jpgghters within six years. The first died in 1845 at three years, four months. The second died in 1848 at two years, eight months. The last was in 1851 at the age of three months. It would be difficult to imagine the degree of grief the parents must have experienced. Their epitaph, which we will notice in a moment, demonstrated the faith of the parents as to where their children would spend eternity.

Their grief would surely have been multiplied if some preacher had told them their children died in sin. As a quick look at most major creed books, disciplines, and manuals will attest, the majority of “Christendom” holds to the view that babies are born in sin. Check the Catholic Catechism, Methodist Discipline, Baptist Manual, Presbyterian Confession, etc. Read Entire Article


Teddy Horton

June 17, 2006 - Christian Radio Commentator: Bible Supports Concept of Secure Borders:

A Christian business consultant and writer in the Phoenix area has recently published some commentaries that deal with what the Bible says about illegal immigration and a nation’s response to that. He says he has found in his study and research that it isn’t just about compassion.

Steve Marr’s online commentaries are called “Business Proverbs.” His syndicated radio program by the same name is heard on 1,000 radio outlets worldwide. According to Marr, the Bible supports the idea that nations have the right and responsibility to secure their borders.

Marr says many Christians, when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration, argue that compassion should rule the day because those immigrants have come simply seeking a better life.


Truth told, I’m a little lost at the suggestion of the Bible supporting the notion that “nations have the right and responsibility to secure their borders”. I’m not saying they don’t but I think one may be a little bit more than hard-pressed to make a rock solid case for the argument with nothing more than a Bible. Read Entire Article

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