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Dick Blackford

To “profane” something is to take that which is holy and treat it as common. This is the reason I don’t applaud in worship unto God.

Worship to the Almighty, Eternal, Sovereign God is unique, in a class by itself. (1) Only in the Lord’s supper do we eat a meal that is not designed to satisfy physical hunger. It was eaten purely as a memorial, after the disciples had already eaten the passover feast. Meals eaten at holidays in our time are feasts designed to satisfy physical hunger. (2) In worship we pray to God. It is a solemn and serious occasion. But we do not pray to Elvis to celebrate his birthday. (3) In giving, we are to do so cheerfully, not grudgingly, as God has prospered us. The I.R.S. does not require this attitude when we pay our taxes. Also, the Lord does not specify in dollars and cents, but the I.R.S. does. (4) In singing to God we are to “make melody in the heart” (Col. 3:16). This is not required when singing at a secular event. (5) In preaching, we must preach only the truth. But in social and political speeches there is no such requirement. One can even make inflammatory speeches against the government.

If clapping is a scriptural form of worship, couldn’t the Lord have thought of it? Read Entire Article

Teddy Horton

Dateline: November 5th, 2004, Greymouth, New Zealand: Sometimes it pays to use a cheaper substitute, thought Wayne, 19 years of age, as he replaced his car’s lost brake fluid with dishwashing liquid. He took the car out for a test drive and discovered that sometimes you get what you pay for.

He applied his foot to the brake pedal as the car began to slide around a slight bend, but for some reason, the brakes didn’t respond. The car spun completely around, clipped the curb, and slammed into a power pole.

His trouble was just beginning, though, because Wayne had also saved money by not registering the car. There was really no point in registering the car, he thought, because his (driver’s) license had already been suspended. Wayne was sentenced to 220 hours of community service for driving with a suspended license, stealing two orange traffic safety cones, and dangerous driving. Read Entire Article


Jeff Miller, PhD-Apologetics Press
A common quibble laid at the feet of the creationist is that he/she is not qualified to speak about scientific matters relating to the creation/evolution controversy. For instance, Mark Isaak, the editor of The Index to Creationist Claims, stated that "for every creationist who claims one thing, there are dozens of scientists (probably more), all with far greater professional qualifications, who say the opposite" (2005, emp. added). Others assert that creationists make "the elementary mistake of trying to discuss a highly specialized field…in which they have little or no training" (Holloway, 2010). Do these assertions have any merit?

First, such assertions are ironic in light of other statements by some in the evolutionary community. For example, in the "General Tips" section of the article, "How to Debate a Creationist," the Creationism versus Science Web site tells its followers, Read Entire Article

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