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Dick Blackford

A true Christian is the best friend any government can have. This is not usually understood, especially by governments that have never grasped the meaning of true Christianity. Thus, Christians have often been persecuted as subversive to the government. In the Old Testament their own people governed the people of God, with God at the top. It was a theocracy. The Jew's religion and his government were intertwined. Apparently God felt this was necessary to insure that the promise he made to Abraham would be fulfilled, for God saw no need for such an arrangement after Christ came. In the New Testament, a man's government and his religion were separate. One could be a Christian while pagans ran his government.

The New Testament has very little to say about the role of government. God did not believe in big government. He separated the "things of Caesar" from the "things of God" (Matthew 22:21). But he did provide for support of the government. There are certain things God's word teaches about the role of government, to which we should give note. Read Entire Article


Teddy Horton

Maybe you’ve heard about the little boy who insisted on playing and talking during the Sunday morning sermon. After repeated warnings, his father finally took him outside and the cries of pain wafting their way back into the auditorium left little doubt to the price the boy was paying for his disobedience. When the father brought his still whimpering child back inside, they happened to walk by a couple busily engaged in an apparently humorous discussion. The boy stopped dead in his tracks and said rather loudly, “Daddy, aren’t you going to spank them too?”

You don’t have to be much more than a casual observer to notice that, at any given time, on any given Sunday (morning or night), during any given sermon, not exactly everyone is exactly paying attention to exactly what’s being preached by the preacher during “preaching”. So, if they’re not listening to the preacher, what are they doing—exactly? Read Entire Article


Dee Bowman

We live in a world of denial. Most folks have some small amount of what they call “spirituality,” but they have little or no Bible knowledge. They will affirm a belief in God, but when it comes to the devil, his ploys and his temptations, they seem to think he’s mostly just a sort of representative of what is wrong and not a real person. Much of this disregard for the devil and his ploys is based on little or no Bible knowledge. Surely anyone who has carefully read the Scriptures and considered their affirmations will admit that the devil is real, that he is active, and that he is totally committed to the incarceration and eventual destruction of mankind.

As a matter of fact, the causing of people to deny both his existence and his devices is one of the most effective ploys of the devil. As long as he can keep people in the dark about his existence it will be easy for him to take them where he wants them to go.

The fact is, every one of us is engaged in a mortal battle with the devil and his forces of evil. The sooner we face that fact, the sooner we will be constrained to oppose his methods and deny him any control in our lives.

You can never relax when you’re engaged in combat with the devil. Did you know that the devil spends most of his time amongst the members of the Lord’s church? Read Entire Article

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