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We Have Moved!!

We have outgrown our building! After nearly a half century at our Stone Street location, as of Sunday, January 25, 2015 we are now meeting in our new building located at 514 Airport Road (corner of Airport Road and Prospect Road) in Jonesboro. With the new location, a name change was also necessary. We will now be known as the StoneRidge church of Christ. Please be patient while we update the website. We look forward to seeing you at our new location! Glory to God in all things and we thank Him for giving the increase so that this move was necessary.


Dick Blackford

We are living in a time when outward success is preferred over faithfulness; when size is more diligently sought after that genuine commitment; when theology takes a back seat to methodology; when preaching the Gospel gives way to drama, special music and pop psychology; when pragmatism transcends sound biblical teaching; when poor doctrine is tolerated but a long sermon is not; when a sermon is judged, not by its content, but by the way it makes you feel; when the sermons are more fluff than substance; and when God must be packaged delicately if He is to be sold to today’s very discriminating consumer.

We are living in a time when levity is preferred in the pulpit over rebuke, when worship must be more rollicking than reverent, when sophistication is more sought after than humility, when society has greater influence than the word of God, when the accommodating people in sinful lifestyles is called “ministry” and rebuking them is called “legalism,” and when church members are more familiar with the “12 steps to recovery” than they are with the “5 steps to salvation.”

What a state of affairs! Oh, how far we have traveled down the winding treacherous road of pragmatism (if it seems to work for the moment, never-mind whether it’s scriptural). Why have so many churches taken this detour? Why do we find ourselves struggling with these issues today? Read Entire Article

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Teddy Horton

Many years ago, my mother decided to plant a few morning glory seeds alongside the carport of our house. As the morning glory bloomed, Mama thought it made for some pretty flowers. Daddy didn't. My father was a cotton farmer and if you know anything about cotton (or any other row crop), you know it doesn't moriningglory3.jpgmix well with morning glory. He'd spent a goodly portion of his working life trying to eliminate every morning glory he could and now Mama was not only helping them to grow, she was admiring them. Those morning glories had to go! Where Mama saw flowers, Daddy saw weeds.

Think about the last time you were at church services and all the folks you saw there. Think about the kids and adults as they went to and from their classes. Think about them as they visited with each other, walked the hallways or entered and exited the building. What did you see more of? Flowers...or weeds? I don't mean plant life growing in the church building. I mean people. How did you see them? What did you see as you observed others?  Those who would be perfect...or their imperfections? Flowers...or weeds?

Truth is, it takes precious little time or effort to spot the weeds among us. When writers such as the apostle Paul spoke of the church in New Testament times, the shortcomings of those who made it up were admitted and duly noted. Even on our best days, there are surely none among us who would be so enamored of ourselves that we fail to recognize our own scars, blemishes, and warts. Our faults. Our weeds. Read Entire Article

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Welcome to the website of the StoneRidge church of Christ (Stone Street church of Christ). It is our hope and prayer that you will find something here that may benefit you in your service to the Lord. You can find out more about us here.

Schedule of Services:

     Sunday Morning

     Bible Classes   10:00 AM

     Worship           11:00 AM

     Sunday Evening

     Worship             6:00 PM

     Wednesday Evening

     Bible Classes     7:00 PM

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