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Dick Blackford

 One night I dreamed I died and went to heaven. I heard songs, and was asked to join the huge group that was singing. There were 1000 sopranos, 1000 altos, 1000 tenors, and one bass — me. We reached a crescendo, which called for as much volume as we could muster. Right in the middle of it the conductor stopped and said, “Brother Blackford, pu-leez, a little softer on the bass”.

Well, that didn’t really happen. But sometimes I sing too loud. Sometimes I sing the wrong verse when everybody else is singing something different. I hate it when that happens. And those times when I sing too loud seem to always happen when I’m singing the wrong verse! I enjoy singing, but I’ve got to stay in my place and sing with the group.

When I was younger and much of a dreamer, I imagined what it would be like to be the conductor of a huge orchestra and chorus. I never made it, but I have done something that far exceeded those dreams. There is scarcely anything more rewarding than directing the hearts and voices of children in vacation Bible school! Their bright eyes, smiling faces, enthusiasm and volume (!) do more for me than being an orchestra conductor could ever do. Children who are eager to learn and unashamed to sing of their faith are worth more than gold.

Another opportunity a few years ago reminded me of some of our heavenly benefits. Read Entire Article

Teddy Horton

if anyone suffers as a Christian...” (1 Peter 4:16)

Having been advised he could only be paid $10.00 to come and preach, but would be expected to deliver a $100.00 sermon, Joe Blue responded with this note.

...The Lord willing, I shall be with you brethren April 24, 1953. I hope the lectureship will be good. I note what you wrote about paying me $10.00 for a $100.00 sermon. That is too great a sacrifice for an old worn out preacher to make. I have different prices on sermons. I have one I can let you have for $12.35 and one for $15.00, then I have one $25.00 sermon. I also have one for $7.89. I have another very nice one for $3.69. I am closing out on one you can have for seventeen cents plus tax. All in all I think you need about a $2.40 sermon, but when you go into $100.00 sermons it takes lots of rousement.

Yours in the One Way, Joe H. Blue*

"Rousement." I like that word. Don't know that I've ever heard it anywhere else, but I like it. And in his lifetime, whenever or wherever he preached, seems brother Joe Hubert Blue (1875-1954) sure brought (and caused) lots (and lots) of rousement.

“I have been stoned, beaten with green walnuts, and with eggs. I have had dynamite put under the pulpit while I was preaching. I have had to be guarded while I preached. Read Entire Article

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