Did I ever tell you about Brother Foster’s Thanksgiving prayer? Long ago, out in that West Cross Timbers country beyond Fort Worth, Brother Foster was famous for prayers that showed scope and style. I once heard him send up a Thanksgiving prayer that was major league in all respects, and he did it standing in the kitchen door on Grandma Hale’s farm.

oldpreacher.jpgThis old fellow was not really a preacher. But in rural regions at the time I am talking about, purebred and registered preachers were scarce and people made do with the nearest they had to the real article.

Brother Foster taught Sunday School, and did funerals, and went around comforting the sick and sorrowful, and generally made a satisfactory substituteoldpreacher.jpg for a preacher. My father used to say you could put a black hat on Brother Foster and hand him a Bible and a collection plate and he could pass for a preacher.  Read Entire Article


Dick Blackford
What a night it was for singing!

For doing a good deed, Paul and Silas were arrested, brutally beaten, imprisoned and fastened in stocks (Acts 16:22-40). 

Do You Want To Feel More Spiritual?

Sometimes Christians get discouraged and want to feel more spiritual. They try to find spirituality in all the wrong places—dimming the lights, lighting candles, humming and holding hands, having unstructured and “free” worship, meeting in a “cell group,” or a “house church,” counting beads, chanting masses, walking on hot coals, fasting to the point of near starvation, the sound of a pipe organ, the light of stained glass windows, listening to a dynamic speaker. It is difficult to think of anything that hasn’t been tried in an effort to achieve spirituality.

I have to tell you that I do not know a single thing you can do in the way of creating an external atmosphere that will make you a more spiritual person. It cannot be achieved that way. It comes by reading, studying, praying, and obeying the word (Psalm 1:1-3).  It comes when you put away sinful attitudes of envy, strife, and division; when you are busy converting the lost and restoring the erring, bonding with other Christians, growing in grace and knowledge. Read Entire Article

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Teddy Horton

BERLIN, Germany, April 21, 2006 (Associated Press) - A retiree in northern Germany flushed some 30,000 marks (euro 15,300, US $18,900) down the toilet, believing the old bank notes were worthless, police said.

Officials were alerted by a blocked pipe in the northern city of Kiel. A cleaning company employee extracted soggy bundles of bank notes, but more money got away as the water started flowing again.

Investigators then discovered that the retiree had reported a blocked pipe at his house the same day. They visited the "slightly bewildered" man at his apartment and he confirmed that he had flushed the money away, a police statement issued late Wednesday said.

The 64-year-old "was of the opinion that mark notes no longer had any value," it added. He still had another 30,000 marks at the apartment, as well as euro14,000 (US$17,300) in euro bills.

Police accompanied the retiree to a bank, where he deposited the money.


Okay, everybody raise your hands. Who wants to be a plumber in Germany?

Have you ever gotten rid of something you thought worthless, only to realize later it was valuable? Doing that's one of the things that'll cause you to begin sentences with an "I wish" or "If only" or some other sentiment that ends up expressing regret.

Long ago, a man named Esau did just that very thing.
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