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We Have Moved!!

We have outgrown our building! After nearly a half century at our Stone Street location, as of Sunday, January 25, 2015 we are now meeting in our new building located at 514 Airport Road (corner of Airport Road and Prospect Road) in Jonesboro. With the new location, a name change was also necessary. We will now be known as the StoneRidge church of Christ. Please be patient while we update the website. We look forward to seeing you at our new location! Glory to God in all things and we thank Him for giving the increase so that this move was necessary.


Dick Blackford

If there were no God, who could define good or evil? “Survival of the fittest,” as believed by atheistic evolutionists (also known as humanists), justifies the strongest killing the weak and plundering them. Many atheists would call such “anti-social” behavior evil, as would I. But I base that judgment on God’s word. What is the atheist’s excuse for defying “evolution” at work?

If there is no God, then anything goes – and eventually, everything will. If man is not created in the image of God, then he is of no more value than a hog or a bug. The humanist can offer no absolute moral standard that would distinguish between why it’s not wrong to kill a fly but it is wrong to kill a man – other than that man is created in God’s image. If we reject the New Testament standard of morality, then we’re left without a reliable standard. Man has certainly proven he’s incapable of giving us a better standard. If he is capable of writing a better book than the Bible, why hasn’t he done so and why isn’t it the best seller every year?

The humanist doesn’t believe in life after death. The Christian does – and he has a definite advantage over the humanist. No humanist will ever be able to arise in eternity and say “I told you so. There was lo life after death.” If the humanist is right, he will never know he was right. But if he’s wrong, he will always know he was wrong.

However, if the Christian is wrong about life after death, he’ll never know he was wrong. But if he is right, he will always know he was right. Being a Christian is a definite advantage.


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Teddy Horton

December 16, 2014: Pakistani Taliban terrorists from an outfit that once tried to bomb Times Square took bloody revenge on their country’s army Tuesday by barging into a Peshawar military school and slaughtering their children.

Moving from classroom to classroom, the murderous militants — armed with automatic weapons and grenades — cut a sickening swath through the school and set off at least three explosions.

In one room, the brutes burned a teacher alive in front of her terrified pupils, witnesses said. In the auditorium, they shot cowering students in the head.

And when they were finally cornered by Pakistani commandos after a nine-hour siege, they blew themselves up rather than surrender.

In the grisly aftermath, the Army Public School and Degree College was littered with 141 corpses — 132 of them students between ages 6 and 16 — and at least a hundred more children were wounded.

The nearby Lady Reading Hospital became the gathering place for heartbroken parents, who broke down in tears as the bodies in blood-drenched school uniforms began arriving.

< http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/taliban-storms-pakistani-military-school-kills-20-students-article-1.2046714>

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times”. Tragic events such as this one might cause you to recall these famous first lines from the Charles Dickens’ classic, “A Tale of Two Cities”.

If times could be worse for the surviving members of these poor families, it’s not within me to imagine how. Such circumstance seldom lends itself to see any good, but it can and should serve to remind us all of how quickly disaster and death can strike. They demonstrate how indiscriminate evil is and how (without warning) we can go from mirth to mourning in a matter of mere moments. Read Entire Article

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