Bob Craig

I am 44,676,000 minutes of age. Many were spent in WAITING. The first 7,458,400 were spent WAITING for one of the most important dates in my life. Would I ever reach sixteen? After that, the only age I was concerned about was whether I would attain 44,676,000. But, I made it!

WAITING is kinda like worrying; there’s not a thing you can do about it.

When I was a little fellow, I spent useless minutes WAITING. The old fellow who led the prayer. He petitioned the Lord for everything while I squirmed, scratched, worried and WAITED for that cheer- bringing word—AMEN!

Accompanying that, there was a bellowing behemoth who had no stopping place. He had the people in burning torment and now he had to extricate them. They didn’t want to be extricated. So I WAITED for him to give up or give out.

The old man who prayed and the fire-eating parson were invited for dinner. I knew what was in store: the white meat would be gone and the taters would be cold while I WAITED.

WAITING for school to end; WAITING to see if I failed; WAITING for the little brunette to come along; fearfully WAITING after school to see if the bully would show up. Read Entire Article



Dick Blackford

In the Genesis account every living thing was created “according to its kind” (Gen. 1:21, 24, 25). Some arguments over origins never get anywhere because of a lack of communication. The word “kind” is not to be equated with “species.” “Kind” allows for variation {micro-evolution}. But one “kind” does not evolve into another “kind” {macro-evolution, also known as the general theory of evolution or organic evolution, which eliminates God}.

Believers in the biblical account recognize variation. In the horse family there is a wide variety of sizes, colors and characteristics, including the mule (offspring of a male donkey and female horse) and the zonkey or donkra, offspring of a zebra and a donkey. But eventually they reach the end of their kind and cannot reproduce. Their DNA prevents further offspring. For example, a horse and an ostrich cannot reproduce because they are different kinds. Nor can a zebra and a hippopotamus, for the same reason.

There is wide variety in the dog family (sizes, colors, features), but they remain dogs. Dogs cannot reproduce with different animals that are not of their kind.

There is great variety among humans. Read Entire Article

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Teddy Horton

A very troubled man walked into the office of a psychiatrist.  “Doc,” he said, “I’ve got big trouble.  Every time I get into bed, I think there’s somebody under it.  So I get under the bed. Then, I think there’s somebody on top of it.  I’m on top of and under that bed a hundred times a night. You gotta help me, I’m going crazy!”

“Not to worry. Just put yourself in my hands.” said the doctor. “Come see me three times a week for a year and I guarantee to cure your fears.”

“And what’s that gonna set me back, Doc?”

“Only a paltry hundred dollars per visit.”  replied the doctor.

“Let me think about and I’ll get back to you, Doc,” said the man.

A few months later the psychiatrist ran into the man on the street. “You never came back to see me? Why? Don‘t you want to be cured?” asked the psychiatrist.

“At a hundred bucks a pop?  Sorry, couldn’t swing it, Doc.  Besides, a friend cured me for just ten dollars.”

“That’s not possible! Your friend can’t have my education, my experience, my facilities…”

“Yeah, that’s right, Doc. But he’s got a saw and he just cut the legs off the bed!  Fixed me right up.”

I reckon that’s one way to conquer your fears!  Most of us, though, have fears that just don’t fix that easily. Read Entire Article

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